Weyerhaeuser Awards 2K to support Mobile Pantry

December 19, 2017 8:45 pm

Food Bank of the Albemarle is pleased to announce an award of $2,000 from the Weyerhaeuser Giving Fund to support the on-going Mobile Food Pantry (MFP) efforts in Washington County.

The award will be used to acquire and distribute nutritious food to individuals at-risk of hunger in Washington County through the Mobile Food Pantry program. The Food Bank will also work with area organizations to provide health and nutritional education materials to the recipients, as well as other literature that could increase a client’s capacity to become more self-sustaining. The goal is to provide over 65,000 meals to these families through the Mobile Pantry between January 1, 2018 and December 31, 2018.

“The Food Bank is excited to receive this award to continue the great work of the Mobile Food Pantry in Washington County,” said Liz Reasoner, Executive Director. “The goal in every community we serve is to have a pantry with a fixed location to best meet the needs of clients. Until we can reach that goal, the mobile food pantry program will continue to serve the county and provide nutritious food and other assistance to those in need.”

Food Bank of the Albemarle currently works with 145 programs including hunger-relief partners across a 15 county service area. In locations where there is not a fixed pantry, or a pantry is too far for some clients, a mobile pantry can meet the needs of hungry people. The Food Bank considers the Mobile Food Pantry as an “agency on wheels”, and currently serves over a dozen locations.

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