Nutrition and Culinary Literacy Rise in Food Bank Teaching Kitchen

August 17, 2023 2:27 pm

Justine Koksal, Director of Programs and Della Hicks, Extension EFNEP Educator of NC Cooperative Extension , Pasquotank County Center prepare a roasted almond dish in the Food Bank’s Teaching Kitchen.

We know that having access to nutritious food is important, but what about nutrition education?

Thanks to your generous support, we launched our Teaching Kitchen Program this year!

This new program will help our neighbors and partner agencies learn to eat, cook, move, and think more healthfully. There is no specific “diet” promoted by the program, it is a learning lab to educate on eating balanced diets that promote the direct link between nutrition and health.

“Access to healthy and affordable food can be a challenge for rural residents,” said Justine Koksal, Director of Programs. “Through this program, neighbors can access fresh and nutritious foods and engage in opportunities to learn how to cook with the foods they receive and learn how to make the foods they enjoy eating more healthful.”

In-person classes offered at the Teaching Kitchen will provide a unique culinary literacy experience. Nutrition education and cooking demos will soon be available as virtual options as well through the Food Bank’s website.

Food Bank of the Albemarle is proud to continue our partnership with NC Cooperative Extension on the Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP), Dining with Diabetes, and the Junior Chef Challenge. We are also partnering with Albemarle Regional Health Services to provide cooking classes with a focus on serving the Hispanic community.

The programs offered here will address root causes of health associated with food insecurity,” said Koksal. “The kitchen will expand food, culinary, and nutrition literacy in a collaborative environment, empowering our neighbors to plan, prepare, and serve healthy meals.”

Programs like the Teaching Kitchen are made possible by you, our donors. Thank you!

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