Our Story

Food Bank of the Albemarle has been fighting hunger in northeast NC for 35 years.


Mary Ann Kramer, a dedicated volunteer with Albemarle Food Pantry since 1984, is pictured here.

The story of the food bank begins in 1981 when a group of concerned citizens organized a meeting. This first gathering, chaired by County Commissioner Bill Owens, was to discuss the need and process of setting up a food bank.

With the efforts of 20 area churches, dozens of local businesses, and the Elizabeth City Foundation enough funds, food and labor were donated to get the project off the ground.

Then called the Albemarle Food Bank and Food Pantry, Inc., the Food Bank was located in a small warehouse at the southern end of Elizabeth City. With founding Director Deborah Fox at the helm, the Food Bank distributed approximately 133,882 meals around the 10 counties in northeast North Carolina that it served during the first three years of operation.

our_story_image_2Since those early days, the Food Bank of the Albemarle has distributed approximately 46 million meals to the hungry men, women and children in a 15 county region that makes up northeast North Carolina. Over 56 million pounds of food have passed through our hands to someone in need.

The Food Bank of the Albemarle has seen changes in leadership, faced tough times and prospered, and weathered through natural disasters. Through it all, we remain dedicated to our mission of feeding the hungry; our resolve has never wavered.

The story of the food bank is continuously growing. You can be a part of the solution! Click here to donate.