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Delivery Calendar

Product Order List from FBA Warehouse

Our available products change from week to week. Please use the forms below to order product for your next delivery or pick-up. These should be submitted either by email to fbalbemarleorders@gmail.com or by fax to 252-335-4797

Product List Week of March 02 2020(pdf)

Product List Week of March 02 2020(excel)



(TEFAP Inventory Report is located under Agency Forms)

Food Lion Bulk Purchase

The Bulk Purchase Program is a way for agencies to order large quantities of purchased Food Lion product. Please view the order form for details about ordering. Please allow about a month from your order date to arrival at the Food Bank. It can then be delivered to your agency during your next scheduled delivery.

How to place a Food Lion Bulk Purchase Program order:

  • Fill out the order form, which can be found in Excel & PDF format:
  • Return completed order form with check for total amount to:

Food Bank of the Albemarle
PO Box 1704
Elizabeth City, NC 27906-1704

  • Once the product arrives at our warehouse, it will be delivered on the next scheduled delivery. It is also available for pick up from our warehouse.

**NOTE** Orders will not be placed until payment is received. Please order at least 4-5 weeks prior to your next delivery.

Bulk Order Form for Agencies 2019 Q1-Q2(pdf)

Bulk Order Form for Agencies 2019 Q1-Q2(excel)


Trailer Reservation

Reserve a refrigerated trailer full of perishable product for delivery!

How does it work?

The Food Bank of the Albemarle will load a refrigerated trailer with perishable product (produce, bread, meat, etc.) and deliver it to your agency’s location.  The trailer will run off a generator (yes we’ll provide one) or plug it into a special voltage outlet.  On the day of your distribution, use the trailer as additional storage for perishable product to help increase the overall capacity of your agency.

It’s as easy as 1-2-3

  1. Reserve the trailer to be delivered the day before your distribution
  2. At least 7 days prior to distribution submit your order form
  3. Distribute perishable product directly to clients