After School Snacks

It’s hard to concentrate and focus when you’re hungry. Adults can adjust to skipping a meal, but it is incredibly difficult for children. Studies conducted by Feeding America have shown that children that are food insecure are more likely to have behavioral problems, lack of social skills and poor study habits.

Getting nutritious food out to the children in our 15 county service area is a top priority. Food is the fuel for life, and without proper nutrition, the next generation cannot be its best.

Food Bank of the Albemarle currently partners with the Elizabeth City-Pasquotank Public Schools to provide after school snacks for children participating in the Extra Program at all seven of the district’s elementary schools.

Additionally, your Food Bank partners with Girls Inc. and the Boys and Girls Club in Pasquotank to help provide after school snacks for children in the county’s schools.  The children, whose parents sign them up to participate, receive nutritious food after school during the school year.