Food and Nutrition Services


Food and Nutrition Services (FNS) is the new name for the Food Stamp Program in North Carolina.  The Food and Nutrition Services Program has expanded eligibility requirements and increased deductions, allowing more North Carolinians to benefit from extra food dollars, which in turn allows them to stretch their food budgets and put three balanced meals on their tables daily.

Food Bank of the Albemarle calls its Food and Nutrition Services Outreach Program, “FNS Outreach”.  FNS Outreach helps reduce the anxiety and barriers that many people may experience when trying to navigate through the Food and Nutrition Services Program requirements. FNS Outreach staff partner with agencies and food pantries across Food Bank of the Albemarle’s 15 county service area to make applying for FNS benefits easy and convenient for all residents.  The FNS Outreach staff may also provide FNS recertification assistance to clients residing in the 15 county coverage area.

Am I Eligible to Receive Food and Nutrition Services?

To receive Food and Nutrition Services, you need to meet certain income and other guidelines.  Current income guidelines are shown below.

 Maximum Monthly Income – Effective October 1, 2015:

Food and Nutrition Services Unit Size 200% Maximum Allowable Gross Income Limit 130% Maximum Allowable Gross Income Limit Maximum Allowable Net Income
 1  $1962  $1276  $981
 2  2656  1726  1328
 3  3350  2177  1675
 4  4042  2628  2021
 5  4736  3078  2368
 6  5430  3529  2715
 7  6122  3980  3061
 8  6816  4430  3408
Each additional household member            (+)$ 694         (+) $451     (+) $ 347

Note:  Gross income refers to a household’s total income before any deductions are subtracted.  Net income refers to gross income minus FNS allowable deductions.

Note:  Depending upon a household’s eligibility category, resources limits may also apply.  Once a household’s eligibility category is determined by the Department of Social Services you will be notified of resource limit requirements.

Food Bank of the Albemarle FNS Application/Recertification Assistance

Food Bank of the Albemarle FNS Outreach staff are available to help answer questions regarding the application process, procedures, guidelines, supply the proper forms, and assist with completing the application process.  The FNS application process may be completed by visiting Food Bank of the Albemarle or by phone contact to Food Bank of the Albemarle.

Food Bank of the Albemarle

FNS Outreach Coordinator

Phone Number Email Address
Brenda Winslow 252-337-4755 bwinslow@afoodbank.org

If you are located in Food Bank of the Albemarle’s service area, contact Roma Brown Monday to Friday from 8:00 am-5:00 pm to inquire about FNS application or re-certification assistance.

Additional North Carolina FNS Information:

Need more information regarding Food and Nutrition Services in North Carolina?

Visit the FNS4NC Website:  http://fns4nc.org/Site is available in English or Spanish.